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Got an email from a Public Relations firm in Los Angeles today. President and CEO said that another PR firm that I help had mentioned me and that they used me to get on the front page of Google…

Next day, we talked on the phone and while we were talking, she made the comment.

“So, I heard about this Georgia company while in Los Angeles… You must be the SEO Whisperer.”

I was flattered. Here was a public relation firm in the second largest city in the USA…
hearing about our SEO company in little town of Athens, GA.


Needless to say, flattery gets me every time and now I’ll help them with their adwords campaign and hopefully live up to the title- SEO Whisperer. : )


I started wondering… what did it mean to be a whisper and then I found this definition:


Basically, the term is used to refer to someone who has a natural or mysteriously effective way of dealing with something.


And I liked it.   Mysterious? Maybe not. But natural? Not really sure about that one either. Much more about blood, sweat and tears for the last 10 years to learn my trade.
Are we good at it? I like to think… one of the BEST!  : )


I enjoy working with small companies who have burned by the large companies. You know, the ones who over-promise and under-deliver.

After following these guys, its easy to blow my clients away. How? By doing what I said I would.

So… here’s my challenge. And I’ll lay it out there for the world to hear-

IF I’m the SEO Whisperer – Can I rank on the first page for it?

Well- Stay tuned and I guess we’ll find out. : )

(I wouldn’t bet against me 😉


To you having the best year in business and life yet,
The SEO Whisperer



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